Personnel Management System

Personnel Management Principles

In order to secure an economic advantage in a rapidly changing business environment, we focus on individual ability and performance, provide equitable opportunities, cultivate key talents and perform fair and transparent personnel management centered on competency-based performance.

Personnel policy that emphasizes human resource development

Qualifications system that is the core competency of functional development

Functional identification system that promotes strict functional development

Functional development system to improve practical ability

Establishment of wage system based on competence

Divisional HR strategy

  • Recruitment / training
    • Expert training by job field
    • Formation of market value through corporate culture that induces self-development
    • Cultivate global talents that meet Korea's representative manufacturing group
  • Evaluation / Compensation
    • Performance-based performance evaluation and compensation through goal management (MBO)
    • Improving fairness and transparency of evaluation system through feedback
    • Rational compensation based on management performance
    • Expand opportunities for internal recruitment of talent
  • Organization / Operations
    • Form a flexible organizational culture with creativity and performance oriented
    • Establish a responsible management system
    • Build a culture of mutual benefit that labor and management can cooperate and secure competitiveness

Benefit Plan

  • Health examination To improve employee health, we conduct regular health screenings and special screenings every year.

  • A regulating system In case of marriage and/or birth, etc., we will pay a congratulatory gift.

  • Vacation system Annual leave and various reward holidays such as REFRESH are operated.

  • Employee gift New Year's Day, Chuseok, Christmas, birthday anniversary and various other gifts.

  • Awards system We have a long-term service and awards for outstanding employees.

  • Vehicle Support System Commuter buses are operated for employees to commute.

  • Dormitory system We provide convenience to our employees by operating apartments near the company as dormitories.

  • Welfare mall operation We provide advanced welfare services that take into account individual life styles and needs.

  • Support for self-development We support tuition fees for higher education to improve individual work capacity and develop professional skills.

  • Congratulatory donation for child enrollment We support a certain amount of money for your child's university entrance.

  • Operate in-house foreign language education program We run an in-house foreign language education program to strengthen the capacity of foreign language employees who dream of becoming global leaders.

  • Operating a congregation We have a mutual association to promote mutual friendship and solidarity.