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We are continuously developing products through Creative Technological Innovation.
ONEGENE contributes to the creation of profit for our customers, responsibility of others, automotive and customers’
impressions help to guide to becoming a truly Global Company

Since its establishment in 1994, ONEGENE ELECTRONICS, has been a pioneer in the field of Sensors, Electronic Controllers and BLDC Motors in the field of Automotive Air Conditioning. ONEGENE pioneers spirit and a zero defect rate with Quality, which are our first virtues. The employees of ONEGENE ELECTRONICS have come together to achieve a “happy & global” company in a corporate culture that loves and trusts one another, like family. The employees at Headquarters, local North American office, India and China are committed to being truthful and acting in accordance with the global standards. With that, the employees of ONEGENE are not afraid of taking risks related to technological advances. Applying our four core values (Customer-oriented, Responsibility of others, Technological Innovation and Quality Management) will help us to develop into a company that can sustain continuous growth with our customers. Thank you.